Just some lovely things that some lovely people have said about my books.
Little Big Love / Little Big Man - Katy Regan

Praise for Little Big Love / Little Big Man

“I read Big Little Love probably a year ago. I picked it off a shelf and decided to buy it just based on the quote on the front, “funny and wise, heartbreaking and uplifting.” That was the exact combination I needed for a weekend read.
I dove in and finished it quickly because it drew me in completely.

Yesterday I finished a different book, Little Fires Everywhere, and when I closed it I thought, “I bet I remember those people forever.” And that immediately reminded me that several times I had thought about messaging you over the past year to tell you the same thing.

Juliet, Zac, Teagan…it’s like I remember them from my own past. I thought of Juliet’s complex struggle when someone mentioned shoplifting. And Zac and Teagan came to mind when I interacted with certain kids at the school where I worked.

The reason I’ve thought to message you is that I also write. And I can only imagine the incredible feeling I will have some day if the characters I’ve created, and the way I’ve told their stories, impacts someone to the degree that my characters become part of their experience of life.

I read a lot. Most books I pass along to a used book store, but some land on my bookshelf to stay. Yours is one of them. I just thought that may be something you would enjoy knowing.
Thanks for writing their stories!”

Elizabeth Wharton
“Katy Regan broke my heart and put it back together again with Little Big Love . . . Humour, poignancy, secrets, love – everything you could ask for from a book”
Lucy Diamond
“A beautifully written love story, with authentic, compelling characters. You’ll love Katy Regan’s new book”
Clare Mackintosh
“Beautifully written and brimming with people to love and root for, Little Big Love had me from the first page. Zac’s voice is arresting, compelling and completely original – I absolutely loved this book”
Lisa Jewell
“Poignant, funny and heartbreaking with a story that stays with you long after you have put it down”
Psychologies magazine
“With exquisitely drawn characters you’ll fall in love with, Little Big Love packs a huge emotional punch”
The Sun, Fabulous Magazine
“A big-hearted, brilliantly pitched tale about family, love and finding your place in the world”
“As uplifting as it is heart-breaking in places, this sweeping story of one boy’s courage will effortlessly win your heart”
Rowan Coleman
“Katy Regan’s writing is effortlessly emotional and authentic, and Little Big Love had me hooked from the first page. Zac’s voice is wonderful – vulnerable and tough and entirely convincing. It’s a heartfelt novel about love, family, and self-belief, and I loved it”
Julie Cohen
“Sometimes you just need to read a novel that lets you sob. Little Big Love is that sort of novel. And Zac, its brave yet bullied 10 year old narrator, is an absolute TRIUMPH”
Sarah Vaughan
“Delightful, heart-wrenching, poignant, and absolutely real, Katy Regan has created a uniquely brave and beautiful voice. She writes with tremendous acuity and tenderness, with a story that you will not be able to stop reading”
Jane Green
The Story of You - Katy Regan

Praise for The Story of You

“The Story of You is emotional, insightful, and very funny ― a wonderful story about first love, lost love, and every love.”
Julie Cohen
“Deeply touching, witty and wise, The Story of You is a book that will warm your heart, and stay there for a long time.”
Rowan Coleman
“Nostalgic, wise, devastating and hilarious – this is Katy Regan at her best. Unputdownable”
Lucy Robinson
“A touching and deeply emotional tale. Prepare to be hooked”
“A wonderfully absorbing story of love, loss and hope. Katy Regan has a beautifully light touch when handling some darker territory. Utterly compelling and heart-warming – a fantastic summer read”
Lucy Clarke
“Although this crackles with witty dialogue and has lively, likeable characters, it also tackles bereavement and loss with poignancy and skill”
Sunday Mirror
“I absolutely adored The Story of You: So beautifully written, with a story that grips right from the start”
Miranda Dickinson
“A captivating voice, a warm, likeable main character and a deeply moving and life-affirming story. I was gripped from the first page”
C.L. Taylor
“Katy Regan’s fourth novel is her best yet!”
Fabulous magazine
“Katy’s writing is like one of your closest friends telling you a story about herself: you absolutely have to find out what happens next. The Story of You is a big hearted love story that stays in your head long after you’ve finished it, told with Katy’s trademark wit, warmth and verve”
Mhairi McFarlane
“Heart-breaking and funny in equal measure we can’t recommend this highly enough’ 4****”
“Intriguing, poignant and funny. I loved it!”
Katie Fforde
“Heartbreaking yet uplifting, The Story of You is shot through with real warmth, and full of characters you genuinely care about. I loved it”
Lucy Diamond
The One Before The One - Katy Regan

Praise for The One Before The One

“This is a story that’s easy to identify with, but it’s the cute observations of the funny side in all the drama that made us laugh out loud – a lot.”
“An insightful look at infidelity written with a refreshing lightness of touch.”
Daily Telegraph
“An irresistible heart-warming tale from the irrepressible Katy Regan.”
Marie Claire
“Regan writes brilliantly, humorously and sensitively”
Daily Mail
How We Met - Katy Regan

Praise for How We Met

“Katy Regan is a brilliant writer and this tale is another belter.”
The Sun
“A warm and touching account of loss and life. ****”
Daily Express
“Beautifully written, this tale absolutely fizzes with energy, has totally believable characters, convincing dialogue and is funny, moving and memorable.”
Sunday Mirror
“Veering from uproarious humour to tissue-clutching sadness, Katy Regan’s third novel tackles love, loss and sherry-fuelled scrabble games.”
Marie Claire
“A brilliantly honest exploration of how people come to terms with the loss of a loved one… Floods. Of. Tears. 9/10”
Now Magazine
“Nicely done”
Star Magazine
“We defy you not to draw up your own “before I’m 30” list afterwards.”
ASOS Magazine
“Realistic, poignant and life affirming, a thoroughly enjoyable read.”
Katie Fforde
“‘I loved this gorgeous, big-hearted book – it’s heartbreaking, hilarious and ultimately life-affirming…A wonderful read… How Wet Met is bursting with joy, love and friendship”
Fiona Gibson
“‘How We Met’ is a beautifully written emotional, vibrant and joyful book that will stay with you long after you’ve read the final page.”
Rowan Coleman
“A poignant and funny novel about loss, love, having faith in friendship and learning to live again.”
“I cannot recommend this book enough. A heart felt read about friendship, loss, love and life!”
I Heart Books
One Thing Led to Another - Katy Regan

Praise for One Thing Led to Another

“Regan writes brilliantly, humorously and sensitively …a fantastic debut.”
Sara Lawrence, Daily Mail
“A fab read”
“Katy’s brilliant at unravelling the bewildering, emotionally complicated reality of the situation, with laugh-out-loud humour and the kind of bitter-sweet sadness that made me wish I wearing tear proof mascara, and hope for the happiest of endings for Tess. Totally fab.”
Eithne Farry, Marie Claire
“An entertaining, engaging and effortless read full of warmth and humour”
Rowan Coleman
“Funny and thought-provoking, a great read”
Julia Llewellyn
“A witty debut with plenty of LOL moments”
“Funny and touching debut”
“Pick up Katy Regan’s excellent debut … an ultimate page-turner”
In Style
“An entertaining, engaging and effortless read full of warmth and humour.”
The Mirror
“Told with poignant frankness, it’s packed with heartbreak, romance and laughs.”