The Story of You by Katy Regan

32-year old Robyn King is a psychiatric nurse, living in London when she receives a Facebook message out of the blue from Joe, her first love, telling her his mother has died and could she come to the funeral?

Joe was – is – the only person Robyn has ever loved, but the time he was last in her life, when she was just sixteen, was also the time her life exploded: In the summer of that year, 1997, something happened to Robyn in the picturesque village on the wild north-west coast where she lived, that would change the course of her life forever.

Now, sixteen years later Robyn battles with these demons every day. Her work as a mental health nurse is vital to her happiness – helping others with their pain, helping to alleviate her own.

But now Joe is back in her life and the events of the past are coming into sharp focus. When Robyn becomes pregnant by Joe again, history threatens to repeat itself. All too aware that mental illness is often the result of unprocessed pain, will Robyn be able to process hers in order for her and Joe to have a chance of a future? Or is she – like so many of the patients she treats and cares about so much – essentially broken?

The Story of You is ultimately a story about the power of love.