The One Before the One by Katy Regan
Make something with Quinoa
Pluck eyebrows
Do something ‘cultural’ every week
Dump married boyfriend

Caroline’s life was meant to be sorted when she made the decision to end her engagement, three months before the big day. With her to-do list tasks getting crossed off and her career going great guns, Caroline is sure she’s now a fully functioning adult. So when one June day her 17 year old half-sister Lexi arrives, unexpectedly at her door, it’s kind of unfortunate that she’s drunk and wearing her wedding dress.

Lexi has come to stay for the summer but their relationship is strained, as Lexi is the result of their father’s infidelity, an affair that led to the divorce that destroyed Caroline’s mother and ruined her own childhood. Needless to say, Caroline is in no hurry to confess her relationship with her married lover Toby…

As the summer wears on, Caroline has decisions to make, and a life to reconsider, but surely a 17-year old can’t teach her anything about how to live well?