About Me

I have always loved reading and writing stories, but it wasn’t until I was eight that I wrote my first book, a shameless collection of Beatrix Potter rip-offs with accompanying illustrations. (Let’s just say, I was wise to stick to the writing bit.)
I always knew I wanted to earn my living as a writer but didn’t dare dream that might be from fiction. I trained first of all as a local news journalist, before becoming a features writer on magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Company. I was Features Writer then Commissioning Editor of Marie-Claire magazine, where I wrote the popular column And Then There Were Three….sort of about having a baby with a friend (we’re still just good friends), which was fictionalised and turned into my first novel, One Thing Led To Another, published in 2008 by Harper Collins. Four further novels have followed: The One Before the One (2010, Harper), How We Met (2012, Harper), The Story of You (2014, Harper). My latest novel, Little Big Man, was published in April by Mantle, Pan Macmillan and several other countries. It was also published in America as Little Big Love by Berkley, Penguin. I am the author of two non-fiction self-help books – Real Focus and Real Strength and still work as a freelance journalist alongside writing novels. I live in Hertfordshire with my teenage son.
Katy Regan Author and Writer