How to find your way home - Katy Regan


KATY REGAN is the author of five novels, the latest being How to Find Your Way Home published in 2022 in the UK by Mantle, Pan Macmillan and by Penguin in the States.

Katy began her writing career as a reporter on local newspapers. She then moved into writing features for the glossies becoming Features Writer, then Commissioning Editor for Marie-Claire magazine where she also wrote the popular column: And then there were three…sort of about having a baby with her friend. Her first novel, One Thing Led to Another, was a fictionalised account of this experience and was published by Harper Collins in 2008.

Alongside writing fiction, Katy still works as a freelance journalist and has written for most national newspapers and magazines, including Stella, Psychologies, the Daily Mail, The Times and Grazia. She is also the author of two self-help books, Real Focus and Real Strength.

She is a proud northerner, from Morecambe, Lancashire – an area that figures in many of her novels – and now lives in Hertfordshire with her son.

Katy Regan